The Health Revolution Podcast with Dr. Jon and Alyson Peterson

A 16 Weeks Weightloss Program for You and Your Spouse 

Turn Your Fat to Fuel

Activate the Power of the Ketogenic Diet to Lose Excess Weight, Overcome Sugar Addiction, Balance Your Hormones and Measurably Reduce Stress Levels

“We know who will benefit most from our program because we have been in this situation ourselves. We have found a success formula to streamline our practice, improve health and live a balanced family life. And so can you!”

Jon Peterson

What’s Included

Tackle the Hidden Obstacles Beyond the Scale

Master the Keto Lifestyle 

Losing Weight is much more than shedding those extra pounds. It’s a complex battle against a myriad of factors that often go unnoticed. The real challenge lies in effectively managing high stress levels, performance pressure, limited time, warning motivation, and unrelenting exhaustion.

That’s where we come in!

Are your ready to overcome  deep rooted struggles and free yourself from stress-related health issues without taking additional medication?

Are you ready to conquer these hidden roadblocks and embark on a sustainable weight loss journey that will change your eating habits for life?

Are you done with the jojo effect after  numerous diets that all aren’t aligned with your lifestyle?

Accomplish a Seemingly Impossible Goal of Weightloss and a Healthy Lifestyle 

Join us on a guided journey of self discovery, mental uplift and physical wellbeing.

Enroll in the Fat to Fuel Program And Unlock Additional Benefits

The Power of
the Ketogenic Diet 

See how we use the Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet to achieve what seems to be unachievable.

How the Fat to Fuel Program is Structured to Help You Lose Weight With Lasting Result

How the Fat to Fuel Program is Structured to Help You Lose Weight With Lasting Results

Before diving into a new diet, you will spend some time discovering your beliefs about food, diets, diet excuses, and why you want change. We’ll also spend time looking over your bloodwork and getting your body measurements.

You will get into Ketosis this week! We have all the resources you will need to make this happen.

The biggest obstacle between you and your health goals is your mind. You will spend these weeks learning to manage food cravings and re-training the way you think about your body and food.

Even though your health  journey has just begun, you will be half-way through this 16 week program. You will re-measure and report new numbers. 

In these weeks, you will discover how to show love for your future self, not just in diet, but all aspects of your life. We will also touch on the benefits of intermittent fasting as well as accessing happy hormones.

You have gotten into ketosis and stayed there, but what if you want to make an exception? You will learn why and how to make an exception to your diet this week.

You will learn about these basic aspects of human health. You will focus more on your body’s needs and how to take better care of yourself, beyond the diet.

As you wrap up the program, you don’t want to revert to your old habits. These weeks you will focus on what you learned in this program and how you want that to change your future from here on out. 

I love how much more energy I have.  I feel  more aligned spiritually and physically as well. Alyson and  Jon are great people and I really trust their knowledge and expertise

I am not only losing weight and feeling great, but I am learning how to take care of myself and not give in to cravings. These are tools that will last a lifetime.

I knew I needed a change, I  just didn’t know what to do or how to do it. This program made everything very simple. The videos  make the learning really easy.

What to Expect After 16 Weeks

Less Excess Weight

Decrease in inflammation

Measurably Reduced Stress Levels


Better Sleep

Sharper Mental Abilities

Reduced Sugar Cravings

Increased Energy

Reduce or Eliminate Prescriptions

Balance Hormones

Who is this For

Is This Program For You? 

This Program is For You if You’re 

  • You’re struggling with weight due to stress, time constraints and eating habits that don’t serve you well
  • You’re worried and often anxiety-driven
  • No other diet ever worked long-term
  • Want to shift from unhealthy to healthy lifestyle habits


Still Unsure?

No problem! We Offer a Foolproof 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We value your wise spending choices and believe in giving you the power to reclaim your money if you’re unsatisfied with your results after 16 weeks of practice.